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Are there other recording studios in Lexington? Louisville? Kentucky? Yes! But just inquire a little further into your project and you'll find that they DO NOT concern themselves with the outcome of how well your project sounds; especially vocally. Why? They can't because they're not vocalists themselves. They're studio owners; frustrated musicians, maybe, as well. But what we can do that they CANNOT is guide you to your very best performance to which you will be amazed; something you can be proud of and know that you got the biggest bang for your buck spent. We are EQuin Music LLC and we're in Lexington, KY working with the latest Digital Audio Workstations and processes to give your performance that current cutting edge sizzle and sound. Check us out! Ask someone you know who loves music and they'll probably tell you about us already. We're growing and always looking for great talent in and around the Bluegrass to record and capture. Our prices are always the same regardless of the project, $50 an hour. We won't waste your time with chit chat...and if we do get passionate about something in the middle of a project...that's on us and not you. And we DO get passionate here at EQuin Music LLC.
So, if you're a little star, or a big one, boy, girl, man, woman, or child, and  you think you have what it takes to make it on tv, radio, or film, we here at EQuin Music LLC are award winning songwriters and producers currently working with some very well known names in the business (confidentiality agreements prevent name dropping) with ongoing original song placements in television and film both in Los Angeles, New York, and around the globe. 

Simply contact us, first through this                    , with your recording dreams and needs and we will be glad to discuss and schedule a time for you to meet with us personally.

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And In Celebration Of The 2016 Olympic Games In Brazil

From The "HOPE" CD...

Brazil...If You Will